Current Version: 0.61 (27.4.2003)


The goal of Mandel Ultimativ (kmandel) is the development of an easy to use and powerful fractal generator. Furthermore I want implement some special functions (animation, journey maker or special fractal types).




Screenschot with a collection of 12 types.

Barnsley A MandelGalaxyJulia
GeneticJulia^n (4)GingerbreadmanMandelbrot

Currenty MU knows 31 different types (21 "field", 8 orbit and two "image at once" types. (0) = Orbit-Type (i) = Image at Once


During the calculation it is possible to modify some parameter, which affect the coloring of the pixel. So it is possible to display some structures in the normally black mandelbrot area.

Colormap editor

Mandel Ultimativ uses an own colormap (only avaible in 256 colormode). This colormaps can be saved (as a own file or in the parameterfile), reloaded, and rotated and a color flood(?) is possible.


kmandel main window with a calculated image
Color editor
General parameter dialog


Current version : 0.61 (27.4.2003)
Download : kmandel-0.61.tar.gz

Since version 0.4? kspline is required !



Before installing the program make sure that the following components are installed:


To install the program, make the following steps:
Decompressing of the archievestar xvzf kmandel-0.61.tar.gz
Change to the installation directory cd kmandel-0.61
Start compilemake
Install the binariesmake install (as root)

Animation support

Mandel Ultimativ supports the generation of animations. There are parameter and zoom animations.


During the parameter animation one or more parameter of the fractal are changed, the coordinates of the fractal are constant. The changing of the parameters make a effect like a morphing.
To create the animation first the course? of the parameters is defined as .spline curves. Then additional parameters like frame count or filenames are set up. Then the animation is calculated.


The zoom animation simplifies the ceation of a zoom animation. Then destination of the zoom is defined, then a number of images is calculated, each zoomed by a little factor and so shifted, thas the last image is in the center of the destination point.

The animations make a series of single images. They must be converted to the final animation by a thiry party program.

2 Examples

An example for a parameter animation. The mandel^n type is used. The exponent n runs from 2 to 4 by a logarithmic function.
Example for a zoom animation. It zooms to the border area of the mandelbrot set.


Another special feature is the journey maker. It creates HTML pages from a series of parameter files (.par). Each page contains the image in preview size (adjustable). Images below the current image are maked with rectangles. All pages are linked mutually(?). So it is possible to walk thru the entire journey. Optionally a hires image of the fractal can be included.

Here is a big example


1.8.1997 Beginn der Programmierung
1.9.1997Version 0.1
24.9.1997Version 0.2a
3.10.1997Version 0.2b
5.12.1997Version 0.3
24.2.1998Version 0.35
26.4.1998Version 0.36
12.7.1998Version 0.4
29.7.1998Version 0.4b
15.2.1998Version 0.4X
15.5.1998Version 0.5
27.4.2003Version 0.61


Jürgen Hochwald

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