Orginally I developed the kweather program for my internal use. First I used a DOS program, but this was linited to 200 month. This limit was reached. Now I needed a new program - kweather.


kweather is a programm to recognize the local weather events. Tempreature (morning and evening), air pressure, wind, level and weather are recognized. Temperature, air pressure and level are displayed as a chart, weather, wind direction and strength are displayes as symbols. The red points are not avaible in the current version, but they are planned for future versions.


kweather main window with an open file
Detailwindow with Data from one Day
Entry Dialof for the Weather Data
Select dialog for the weather icon
Userdefiened File
Predefiended File


Current Version : 0.3 (29.10.2000)
Download : kweather-0.3.tar.gz



Before installing the program make sure that the following components are installed:


To install the program, make the following steps:
Decompressing of the archievestar xvzf kweather-0.3.tar.gz
Change to the installation directory cd kweather-0.3
Start compilemake
Install the binariesmake install


1.9.1998 Begin of development
20.10.1998V 0.1 released
20.2.1999V 0.2 released
29.10.2000V 0.3 released


This place becomes a download area. If anybody else out there is recording data, he can mail me (adress seel below). Then I put the data here and everybody can download it. Please mail your name, country, town and the data as attachment.
porta.zipPorta Westfalica / GermanyJun 1980


Jürgen Hochwald

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